I am just someone else that has realized that a blog is cheaper than therapy — and a bit of a giggle too! I am a small town girl living in a big city with a desire to chat with the world. My topic of choice is … ‘husbands’, which includes the whole gamut from boys, to boyfriends, lovers and fiances, husbands and ex-husbands and everything in between. 

Now let me be clear, I am married to an incredibly kind and sweet man who would harness the moon for me if he could, but, some days … how to put this nicely?….. some days he simply drives me NUTS. Surely you can relate? If not then, the blog might not beat out therapy after all. Anyway, I have long realized the best way to deal with the nails-on-a-chalkboard habits of the hubby is to share and I hope you will do the same.  Feel free to pass on your favorite tale of the most annoying, hilarious, bonehead move your better half has ever made. You’ll feel better and laugh out loud, I promise.  And remember — the standard answer to “Honey, where’s my ____?” is always …  IT’S BESIDE THE BUTTER.

The whole story on the name “Beside the Butter” is here.

Email me at:  butterdish@live.ca  

I will happily post your stories in your words or mine — your choice.


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