Am I Somebody?

As I have mentioned more than once, my dear hubby is one of those that, for some reason I fail to understand, believes that there are actually creatures in the world whose job it is, to be the sweep on his trail of life. Invisible uniformed maids? Clones of tinkerbell? Aliens maybe? I have no idea who he thinks is actually going to wash those dishes, pick up those clothes or finish that 62nd project that he chose to start on a Sunday at 4:30 . You would think that after all these years he would come to realize that it sure as hell ain’t gonna be me!! But still he clearly thinks ‘Somebody‘ will step in. 

After all, ‘Somebody‘ does everything.  Good or bad.  You know the lines — we’ve all heard them:  “Well, I couldn’t find it because SOMEBODY put it in the wrong place… “;  “I was going to do that but SOMEBODY didn’t do this …”;  “SOMEBODY must have moved it … “, “SOMEBODY needs to fix that …”, “SOMEBODY needs to clean that … “,  “SOMEBODY should really … ”

BLAH BLAH BLAH … SOMEBODY!!!.   Now who do you suppose is SOMEBODY?  Sure as hell better not be me either.


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