The Pile

The Pile is one of those things that I have worked very hard at trying to forget. The Pile is a perfect time to borrow from the husband’s toolkit and apply the “ignore it and it will go away” tactic. Not that I haven’t been clear that I hate the Pile — I have been very vocal in describing my feelings about it. “Could you clean up the G.D. #*%$#@ Pile!!! .. NOW”   None-the-less, the Pile lives on.

So on those very rare occasions when I make the brave move to bring the vacuum into that foreign land known as ‘upstairs’, I begin steeling myself to come face to face with the Pile. Our bedroom is set-up so that one side of the bed (HIS side) is just far enough away from the wall for someone squeeze in and get into bed.  It was never intended as a closet or a makeshift laundry basket, much less home to the Pile. Still, when I work up the courage to bring my beloved Dyson to his side of the room, I have to be prepared to find a variety of well worn socks, t-shirts, underwear, newspapers and God knows what else that gets discarded in the Pile when he crawls into bed every night. What amazes me is that he can dump it all there, piece by piece, night after night and get up in the morning and walk over it as if it’s not there. What the hell? Is that the whole selective male blindness thing again? 

Well, not unlike his belief in the dish fairies, I can only assume that he expects that it’s the laundry fairies who step up and handle the Pile. Fortunately, I have now figured out a way to save those little darlings some work.  I wonder how long it will take hubby dear to realize, like I did, that not only is the Dyson a fabulous vacuum, it is also a very fine bulldozer.


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5 responses to “The Pile

  1. I, too have struggled with pile issues and in the past have negated every other possible solution….and gone straight to garbage bags. That of course involved me doing the work to pick everything up and bag it, but I found it strangely rewarding seeing the pile-maker frantically trying to dig through said garbage bags to find clothes for the day.

  2. lol I feel ya. What is it with (most) men and their piles left in the floor? Mine likes to leave a pile of underwear in the bathroom. Of course, I’m the one who finally breaks down after there gets to be several pair there and puts them in the dirty clothes. I’ve been tempted to throw them away as a lesson, but I’ve refrained myself.

  3. Confession: In my house, I’m the culprit behind The Pile. It’s located in pretty much the same place yours is, and I think it’s a throwback to my college dorm days. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Lord knows my husband isn’t the one who has to face it with the vacuum cleaner…

    (Found you on the Mom Blog Network, btw.)

  4. djc

    I heard a friend tell a great story the other day … when her husband said “Where is all my clean underwear??” she replied with a smile .. “Walmart”

  5. Cathy

    I tripped over you-know-who’s pile (again) this morning as I was rushing to make up the bed (again) before his parents showed up to babysit. [Here I am worried about the house looking presentable for his parents. His mother, who by the way this morning, pointed out to me alone that the shades on our chandelier-style light fixture in the family room “really do need to be cleaned, dear”] So in rushing to make up the bed, I trip over a stack of: unread out-of-date magazines, some old receipts and unread books with bent spines and a pair of socks. This while he’s out for a morning run oblivious to what needs to be done in order for the 3 of us to be ready and out the door for the day…Ugh.

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