As I was walking to basketball this week, I saw the female referee in the parking lot, clearly in a rush. I couldn’t help but here her giving last minute instructions to her better half about which kid needed  to be where and at what time. As she is rushing to get into the gym, he gives he the head tilt and dazed look … “And how do I get there? Which way should I go — the highway or just along Lakeshore?”  By this point I am really giggling to myself. We end up walking toward the gym together and I kind of laugh and say “Where would they be without us telling them what to do.”  She breathed this huge sigh and laughed out loud and said “I thought only mine was like that!”. I assured her that as a rule, the fellas need instructions for almost everything that has to do with home or family or in fact, anytime their wives and girlfriends might be present to do their thinking for them. They are all good with work, hockey, cars, construction, or whatever else their interests at the moment might be — then they know EVERYTHING.  But when it comes to simple day to day life, like cutting up the pizza, which road to take, where’s the mustard, or which hat the kid should wear — they need constant hand holding.  The Ref and I had a good laugh and I explained about everything being ‘beside the butter’ — and her comment was “Ya but what if he can’t find the butter?”  Good point.


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