Big pieces or little?

Since I’ve had children, despite being a two parent family (HA!), I can count the number of long uninterrupted showers I have had, on one hand. What is it about the sound of hot running water — it’s like Pavlov’s Dogs — as soon as they hear it, someone needs you. And I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this — it’s not always the kids.  So on Sunday, I had one of those full, cram-it-all-in days. Then again, we all know that getting 3 loads of laundry done, dinner made, toys picked up, and kids, cats and phone calls dealt with, in the time it takes to watch of one quarter of a football game, is pretty standard fare. Wait — that’s a whole other post.

So anyway, on Sunday, I went running (thank you girls!) first thing, changed into ski clothes as soon as I got home to take kids to lessons, skating right after that and then put a coat of paint on the dining room in the late afternoon. So by the time 5pm rolled around, I was desperate for a shower. Darling hubby offered to make pizzas for everyone, so I left him to it, ignoring the fact that a call to Domino’s would have saved me yet another full-on kitchen clean-up, scraping tomato sauce off the ceiling and bits of grated cheese out of every nook and cranny. But I figure after a nice shower, I can deal with the oncoming kitchen tornado.  So not long after I had finally stepped into the steamy warmth and I hear, “Hey!! I need some help down here!” with a hint of NOW! in his voice. I of course assume he has burnt, dropped, broken, or chopped off something. Why else would he yell to me like that when I have just gone up to shower??  So, short shower over, still wet, I land in the kitchen. “What’s the problem?” I say, ever so slightly annoyed because I see no signs of blood or smoke. “Nothin’… just wasn’t sure … how do I cut up the kids’ pizza?” Stunned that this is why the shower-ending help cry went up, I simply say “What?”  Of course in my mind I’m thinking “How’s about using that big long knife over there that I’m about to plunge into ….” Kidding. So he says “Big pieces? Little pieces? What do I do?”  This from a man that heads a team of 30+ people, and deals with million dollar projects every day. I’m still amazed, not to mention dripping, and say “You got me out of the shower to ask me that?”  He gives me that totally annoying ‘I’m totally innocent here’ look, shrugs his shoulders and says “Well I never said you had to get out right now“.  

When? When am I gonna learn?????


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One response to “Big pieces or little?

  1. Kelli Lorino

    Love this!!! Only you, can put into words, what so many of us think all of the time!

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