The Snow Blower and the Flame

This is from my completely hilarious friend Moira — who thankfully still owns a home and not a pile of burnt rubble and scattered remains of the Sunday paper. 

On Sunday Steve ran over the very thick Sunday paper with the snow blower. Since the paper guy was trying to be nice he dropped the paper up near the garage which promptly got covered in snow. So on the second swipe of the snow blower Steve got a small shower of confetti, a thud and then a complete stoppage. 45 minutes and several tools (chisels. saws, hammers, knives, pliers, etc.) later still no snow blower. So we decide to shovel. A shovel is an old fashioned implement with a flat metal or plastic blade at one end that makes lifting snow easier. Easier than bare hands I guess. Anyway before fully committing to hard labor Steve has this flash of brilliance. As I go in to the house to get gloves he says, “Get a lighter.” “A lighter?” says the ever curious I. “Yeah we can burn the paper out,” says my very own in-house rocket scientist. Now as much as it would be a kick to see the Duncan name in print I don’t think a Darwin Award is the way to go. So a quick reminder that snow blowers have gasoline in them which rumor has it is somewhat combustible and we nix the blow-up-your-house-to-unstick-the-snow blower-idea and grab a couple of shovels.

Check out Moira’s blog so-n-sos-mom for further entertainment.  Thanks Moira!!


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