The Finder

I have been thinking about this blog for a while, especially every time my darling better half managed to do something that either made me laugh out loud, want to rip my hair out, or worse, rip his hair out. After one recent incident — which is a whole other post — that really should have resulted in permanent baldness for us both, I started typing. And then I had a panicked thought — what if all of a sudden he becomes super sweet supportive hubby and I have no new material??  Well sure enough he proved straight away that in fact he was on my team, and managed to amaze me with butter-worthy action the very next day. 

Hubby has always been a morning person. I am not. He claims to live on permanent camping time. Sun goes down, he sleeps, sun comes up he wakes. Well of course the the dead of winter that gets even worse as he’s fumbling around in our bedroom when it’s still pitch black. So this morning at 5:25AM — in case you’re not clear this is 35 minutes before 6AM, essentially the middle of the night for the likes of me — he leans down 2 inches from my face, tapping me, going “Hey — have you seen my black coat?”  I am so stunned at being spoken to at this ungodly hour, let alone asked a question, I don’t have the good sense to yell “IT’S BESIDE THE BUTTER”. I simply mutter something about it being wherever he left it and roll over. Wisely, he leaves. That evening he rolls in wearing said black coat. Now despite my superior sleeping skills, I also have the memory of an elephant (which is apparently very good?) so I laugh and say “So, where’d ya find the coat?”. He grins back and says “In the closet”. I can’t let it go. “But it wasn’t there this morning?” More grinning “It was under another coat — I didn’t look very hard the first time”. Then I’m ticked. “So before you even looked you came to wake ME up?!” Big grin, arm around me “But you’re THE FINDER”.


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